Final Project


high school students get a rude awakening about how their online actions will effect their lives

Sean Doomernik,  Matthew Cohn

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20 years later

I came across a 1995 AOL TV ad for the internet,

you bought it by the hour and you could make friends to go kayaking with

check it out here AOL

Big Brother is watching

Social Media selling our info to corporations,  Google tracking your usages to tell to marketing firms, Snowden branded a criminal for exploiting the exploiters?

dont trust the Zuck
don’t trust the Zuck

It’s a crazy new world out there people in the 80’s would have to be a famous celebrity or a political figure for someone to know as much about us as Don Drapers ad agency knows about every single internet user out there,   and your one of them if you’re reading this.

But whats a global citizen to do,   accessibility to information is the cornerstone to education and understanding,   its a powerful tool for social change and new ideology.   We can use the medium of internet access to communicate with people who have never spoke our language.  We can take lessons from great people and “be the change we want to see in others”  and actually have people see that change.  we can also become instant celebrities in any language as highlighted in the NY time article on Google Translate

Its seems to me a challenging situation,   but its here to stay